Gurinasu Agrotech evaluates various needs for scientific and technological application in the field of agriculture. Our solutions focus on the improvement of farm yield by adopting practices followed in countries with higher yield in agricultural products.

The effects of our solutions were achieved using natural materials, fermented with eco-friendly microorganisms and enzymes. Our products are made according to the standards set by our technology providers.



The technical knowhow is provided by our Japanese partners, Shimamoto Beseibutsu Kogyo Co., Ltd. (Shimamoto Microbial Industry Co. Ltd.), and their associates. The critical factors for control are measured and samples are analysed regularly to maintain the quality standards of the products.

Shimamoto Microbial Industry Company is a pioneer in development of soil friendly agricultural practices, using microbial agricultural practices. They practice and research agricultural method which follows the laws of nature, by microbe and enzyme application. Gurinasu Agrotech is in partnership with Shimamoto-san for development of products suitable for the Indian sub-continent. A full-fledged R&D facility with the know-how from Shimamoto Microbial Industry Co. Ltd., will be set up in due course.



We observed the fields and farms in Japan where there were incredible developments in the field of microbial bio fertilizers. We found that a high yield was achieved in paddy, vegetables and other food crops using microbial products and natural fertilizers. This made us seek a technical collaboration to produce a similar product in India. In 2014 and 2015, extensive field trials were carried out on paddy, maize and variety of vegetables, in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. The aim was not to replace a fertilizer but to enhance the effectiveness of the inputs. This is to ensure that plants can grow better, while the use of the fertilizer can be reduced depending on the soil and the crops.

The tests revealed that the products we developed were suitable and improved the agricultural yield. As these products are made from natural substances and agro residues, the end product is a natural bio fertilizer. It improves the ecosystem since the microorganisms play an active role in enhancing the soil and plant growth. Microbial products are not a substitute for fertilizers but a soil-friendly substance that enhances the effectiveness of fertilizers.

With the test results being positive, plans were made to manufacture the product in India, with the technical know-how from Shimamoto Microbial Company Ltd., of Shiba prefecture, Japan. We have a production facility and an R&D center where we manufacture our microbial products with locally available materials.

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