Gurinasu Agrotech

Organic and natural solutions for your homes and farms

Based in India, Gurinasu Agrotech is focused on the development of natural organic solutions for better growth of plants and to produce household essentials such as hand wash and floor cleaners.


Our Organic Fertilizers

Gurinasu organic fertilizers are multi-nutrient and suitable for organic farming, providing better growth of plants and crops. Our products maximise yield, increase quality and improve the soil structure of farms and gardens.



Bio Soil Regenerator and Booster for Soil and Crops



Bio Fertilizers for Flowering and Fruit Plants

Gardening Rake


Organic Bio Fertilizers for Vegetable Plants and Crops


Sunnoku Cleaning Products

Our Sunnoku solutions use bio-organic ingredients and without the aid of chemicals. With this technique, natural products for cleaning essentials have also been developed and are now available for purchase.

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Sunnoku Hand Wash

Made from natural plant ingredients, Sunnoku Hand Wash helps eradicate germs and bacteria while leaving your hands feeling soft and supple.

Size: 100 ml

Fragrance: Citrus

Sunnoku Floor Wash

Sunnoku's Organic Floor Wash contains natural plant ingredients, keeping your floor and surfaces clean and germ-free.

Size: 500 ml and 5 Litres

Fragrance: Mint


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